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Im interested in Game Development, AI and Computer VIsion. This are some of the proyects or companies Im involved.





About Me

I'm a tech entrepreneur, I love building things that solve hard problems and helps industries. I Co-Founded Synapbox and was mostly responsible for the development of the MVP and all of the innovating technologies within the SaaS. I custom developed a three pronged algorithm which collects facial movement patterns, eye-tracking and behavioral click analysis along with automating processing using Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementation.

During my time in the company in the first years the company generated revenue over 300k USD and close half a million dollar seed investment round.

Before founding Synapbox, I worked on several projects within the back-end, mobile and tech implementation for Blackberry, Red Bull, Toyota among others. For most of my career I was the team leader and managed projects for public and private initiatives within Mexico and US.

Currently I'm partner and CTO at Supter, where we are building tools for the future of education.


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